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5 reasons to buy a Lakewood

What makes a Lakewood Guitar unique?

The special sound: Lakewood guitars have a unique, transparent and open sound. The tone has got a great moment and is well-balanced in each fret. Responsible for that is initially the very accurate and strain-free body construction that has been created by modern CAD and CNC technology – then carried out by luthiers with new and traditional working methods.

The quality of craftsmanship: All guitars are built from solid tone woods. There are no parts that are laminated or veneered. We deliberately quit using artificial materials for bindings and other accessories. Instead we are using fine and noble woods and pearl for bindings, purflings or inlays. The work is carried out with a lot of attention to detail and in a flawless manner.

The variety and individuality: Despite a framework that is held by our serial guitar models there is no limit to your fantasy! The Lakewood custom shop offers a wide range of options to choose from. Combining the options differently diversifies the possibilities virtually endlessly. Thus every guitarist gets the chance to create his own, very personal and individual dream guitar and the chance of letting a piece of himself flow into the creation process of the instrument.

The customer service: All Lakewood guitars are manufactured in Giessen, Germany – There is no pre-production abroad.
Giving a 10-year-warranty sets a distinct signal of our own considered conviction and the belief in the quality of our guitars. In the case of repair or service requests we are able of acting quickly. Being situated in the heart of Europe enables us to do so, because long shipping times are not an issue. This advance additionally benefits from swift and direct communication as well as permanent availability.

The perception as alternative: There are many guitars on the planet. Besides many newcomer guitars the image is dominated by those well-known American guitar companies. But not everybody is looking for the familiar. Lakewood Guitars offers an alternative “made in Germany”, because the guitars provide contemporary and forward-directed attributes right next to the conventional. The purchase of a Lakewood guitar is a confession and a commitment to a particular system of values.

High quality and passion for the instrument, emerged from tradition and experience of German luthiers, perfected by innovation and new technological possibilities – that’s just a few key points of a very complex guitar.